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All absences will be counted—excused or not—if something extraordinary occurs, talk to me. These required assignments add up to a maximum of points. Thus points equals an A, equals a B, equals a C, equals a D, and anything below merits an F. I shall reserve a potential six bonus points based on my perceptions of the strength of your participation and efforts over the semester; incomplete or missing inquiry-starter entries will be counted against your semester grade, with the loss of five points for each missing or incomplete entry, to a maximum loss of 45 points.

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NOTE, therefore, that missing even one Inquiry Starter combined for example with three absences, could very well affect your overall semester grade by lowering your total points by 8 points. You might earn grades in the A - range, for instance, on the Sequence Analysis Essay and on the Critical Analysis Essay, yet receive a B for the semester if you incur such penalty points because of missing ISs and absences.

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Do not submit work for this class that you have submitted or intend to submit for a grade in another course; as always, be careful to cite anyone else's work that you draw upon. See highlighted link on the class website to a useful guide to avoiding plagiarism, and a link to information on the university's policies regarding plagiarism.

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    Because knowledge and learning are constructed and construed through social inquiry and exchange, it is vital that course dialogue and debate encourage and expect a substantial range of reasoned, expressive, and impassioned articulation of diverse views in order to build a stronger understanding of the materials and of one another's ways of knowing. These practices strengthen our capacities for understanding and the production of new knowledge.

    As with the critical writing assignments for this class, our primary aims include engaging with texts and their varied critical interpretations by identifying problems, developing claims and arguments with supporting lines of evidence and explanation, and enriching our literary understanding, interests, and commitments.

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    In a team, this could lead to a removal of focus from the task at hand. This occurs in the scene, where all the members of the team allow their emotion of fear to control their behavior. Rather than seeking solutions, they appear to look for scapegoats upon whom to. His stance is also one of superiority as he presents himself as the victim of his own vision and artistic expression. In this context, the generic pronoun "they" symbolizes Craig's detachment from the world around him as he feels superior which he believes, is what causes his isolation. Craig's wife, Lotte, is perhaps the most radically changed as a result of traveling through the portal.

    She becomes convinced that she. Download this Research Paper in word format. Read Full Research Paper. Sources Used in Document:. Kogonada is a former academic turned filmmaker who gained popularity through his Vimeo video essays that, for the most part, elegantly edit together film clips without any narration. Creating a narration-less video would be an excellent final project for students.

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    Tanner Higgin, Common Sense Education. Feb 5, Why Are They Great for Learning? Vox Vox runs the gamut of issues in politics, culture, and pop culture. Noisy Images This channel does a masterful job of uncovering the layered meaning -- social, political, and cultural -- in music and hip-hop. Kaptain Kristian Kristian focuses a lot on cartoons and comics which is a nice entry point for younger kids.